New Mugs for Elevator!

From time to time you meet a creative team that you gel with. Let me emphasise, however,  this is rare. Most are introverted beyond the point of repair. Elevator Creative are a Melbourne based mob that are great at meeting a brief on time and on budget. Mighty creative under pressure too. We did their mugs and they loved them. Black on black. 100% rock! See more of what they do here

Alloy USB cards shout class

Following on from the Wafer USB Card the Alloy USB Card pushes the boundaries of slim design even further. It’s just 2.60mm thick but can be packed with up to 64GB of solid state memory. The stunning metallic finish presents a crisp and professional image and, of course, the Alloy USB Card can be screen printed in colour or engraved if you prefer. With such an elegant modern design, the Alloy USB Card makes for the perfect corporate gift.

Melamine – colours that pop!

Melamine plates (and bowls/platters etc for that matter) deliver a high impact, durable, long lasting reminder of your brand. That creative, do-it-yourself component (when needed) makes these also a favorite of groups and classrooms (organizations can even use them as revenue earners selling them on). Whether it’s precious artwork hand-drawn by a child, a cherished photo or a crisp as day vector design or logo, the results are always memorable! Buy these ready made beauties here or talk to us to get your own brand immortalised in glorious melamine 🙂